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About us

Alpine Commerce & Consulting Group  (ACC) was founded on the 20th April 2005 in Zurich, Switzerland, by a group of specialists with vast experience in logistics, transportation, cargo transshipment and transloading. These people offered their expertise to the world market with the aim of creating the most convenient environment for international trade companies dealing with export and import to and from Eastern Europe and  Central Asian countries.

ACC’s specific knowledge base and competence was developed over many years delivering raw sugar to Central Asian countries, and agricultural products from Eastern Europe and Kazakhstan. ACC offers its clients the very best service in transportation and forwarding support, which includes dealing with railway transit systems, ports, terminals, certification and customs authorities.

From day one, our company has concentrated on creating a highly professional team capable of solving the most complex tasks efficiently and effectively. In addition to our professionalism and many years of experience in transportation and logistics, ACC specialists are resourceful, scrupulous and attentive to detail.

ACC has a great track record and has established business links with partners in many other countries. We cooperate with companies who share our ethics in good partnership relationships, a client-centred approach and dedication to high standards of service. We are proud to be associated with prominent international trade companies and producers from both Eastern Europe and Kazakhstan.


Cane sugar is an important food product, which consists of sugar crystals covered by a layer of cane molasses. This is produced from raw sugarcane, which is cultivated in tropical and sub-tropical regions.

Sugarcane is harvested either manually or mechanically. The canes are cut into pieces and immediately transported to sugar mills. There, the raw cane material is crushed and the sugarcane juice is either extracted by directly washing with water or through simple diffusion. The sugar liquor then goes through purification, involving heating with slaked lime, which stops the fermentation process. The resulting syrup goes through a series of evaporation stages, in the final stage of which the very last of the water is removed by evaporation in vacuum chambers. In the next stage of the process, the pure sugar syrup begins to crystallize. It is these sugar crystals which can then be delivered to sugar refineries for further processing. It is this process that produces either granulated cane sugar or refined sugar. The sugar products are then transported from ports in bulk or in containers on dedicated craft: either bulk cargo ships or container cargo vessels. It is then delivered by rail to its final destination. 

Raw sugar shipment must follow strict procedures and controls to avoid the spoiling and/or loss of the goods. 

Alpine Commerce & Consulting Group (ACC) provides shipments of raw sugar from the following countries: Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, and Columbia. When the shipment arrives at its destination port, ACC ensures that the cargo is transferred to other modes of transportation without any loss of the goods occurring. Transloading of sugar shipments takes place at the ports of Liepaja, Klaipeda and Riga.

All of the above-mentioned procedures require a detailed knowledge of bulk load transshipment, that follow the standards and rules governing the movement of bulk goods, as well as the correct shipping documentation and necessary certification – all of which are included in the services provided by our company. We act as an intermediary between importers and exporters, and we assist in finding the most economically effective and suitable methods for the transportation of the goods. 

Apart from cereals (wheat, barley, rye, corn, etc.), we also deal with transporting other bulk goods, for example beans and rapeseed. Additionally, our company successfully manages forwarding services for in-transit grain deliveries from the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

We also offer direct transloading services of grain (rail freight to ship), or mixed transloading (a certain amount of the grain bulk being loaded via port elevators, and the remainder via direct transloading). 

While working in the field of agricultural goods transportation and logistics, we branched out into a new business venture: Namely, the purchasing and selling of agricultural products, and we are very keen to continue developing this new direction in our business. Our established contacts with agricultural producers have enabled us to offer consumers high quality agricultural goods at competitive prices. 

We value our reputation as a reliable and growing business partner. We constantly strive to improve our international business practice and to satisfy all of our clients’ requirements. Our company welcomes new business opportunities and partners, and we are ready to take on the most complex and interesting of tasks not only in our established sphere but also in new business directions.

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