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Alpine Commerce & Consulting Group (ACC) practises transparency, which makes for a more trustworthy basis for business for its all of its partners and clients. Business transparency is at the core of ACC’s reputation.


Safety & Security Strategy

As an international company dealing with worldwide distribution, Alpine Commerce & Consulting Group (ACC) strictly adheres to all current laws, legislation, procedures, standards and regulations with regards to the safety of food products, forage and fodder, and their transportation. 


The main objectives of ACC include:

  • Initiative: To search for new business ventures in order to expand the company’s profile and to open up new markets for services and sales.
  • Stability: To maintain and develop existing business portfolios, e.g. sales of agricultural products and logistics services for agricultural and food products.
  • Diversification: To discover new business opportunities that will allow our company to gain new experience and improve itself as a result.

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