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Agricultural trade


East Europe is one of the leading exporters of high-quality wheat – which is one of the most important food products known to man. Wheat is the second most produced grain crop in the world. More than two thirds of the world’s wheat is used for making further food products, namely; high-quality bread and other bread-based products, biscuits, cakes and pasta, as well as animal feed.



One of the main products obtained from sugar beet is sugar beet pulp. After it has been pressed, and its sugar and juice have been extracted, it is dried and pressed into pellets. This can be then used as animal feed. Beet fibre is easy to digest and is an excellent starch-free energy source for cattle and horses.

This type of forage is very popular amongst dairy farmers as a complex carbohydrate feed. It is also widely used as an ingredient in pet food production. Significantly increased its sugar beet cultivation over the past ten years, Easten Europe has now become a leader in pelleted beet pulp production.

With the ever-growing demand for this product, ACC Alpine Group is actively engaged in delivering pelleted beet pulp to dairy producers and cattle breeders in the EU, Morocco and Central Asia. Export is achieved by utilising all types of multimodal transport, including; railcars, ships and container deliveries from the Black Sea and Baltic ports .

In order to minimise the risks to exporters and importers with this product, ACC Alpine Group takes full responsibility upon itself for the quality and quantity of the stored product, and also acts as a trader and a consultant in purchases and sales.


Beet sugar is produced from sugar beet liquor. This type of sugar is found widely in many Eastern European countries and is used in many dishes. Beet sugar is a source of sucrose and glucose.

East Europe successfully exports this product to the Central Asia and even farther abroad, and in the last decade has become a large net exporter of crystalline white beet sugar.

Starting in 2016, ACC Alpine Group has successfully dealt in the export of white beet sugar from the ports of the Black and Azov seas. To date, 2020 has been the most successful year, where the company managed to export a total of more than 80 000 tons of white sugar.



Unrefined beet sugar results from an incomplete refining process. This type of sugar retains a large part of its natural constituents, which gives it a certain aroma and intensity of taste.

This type of sugar is used in the confectionary industry, and is also exported for further processing and refinement into white crystalline sugar.

The Central Asia countries, especially Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, is a large consumer of unrefined beet sugar. The further processing of this product allows the sugar factories to remain working, and also protects local consumers from significant price fluctuations in the export markets through the diversification of this raw product.

ACC Alpine Group is following current market trends, and at present is actively developing this direction of business venture. As a result of the successful 2019–2020 agricultural season, the export volume of unrefined beet sugar was somewhere in the region of 100 000 tons.

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