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Sugar Futures and Market Data: 20th September 2022


Sep 2022

By Stephanie Rodriguez


Insight Focus 

·         Raw sugar speculators closed short positions and opened long positions. 

·         White sugar speculators continue to increase net spec position.

·         However, with the recent drop in No.5 prices the white premium has decreased but still in uptrend.


New York No.11 (Raw Sugar)

·         The No.11 has dipped below 18 after trading around 18 c/lb to 18.4 c/lb last week.

·         Raw sugar speculators had closed over 8k lots of short positions and opened 11k long positions by the 13th of September.

·         The net spec position is now around 5k lots short.

·         Consumers have closed 6k lots whilst producers added 10k lots over the same period

·         The entire No.11 forward curve is now below last week’s.


London No.5 (White Sugar) 

·         By the end of last week, the No.5 price dropped to 540USD/mt.

·         The net spec position has reached 34k lots by the end of the 13th of September, reaching new height for 2022.

·         The No.5 forward curve is now below last week’s.


White Premium (Arbitrage) 

·         The white premium dropped to114 USD/mt, following the drop in No.5 prices. 

·         Even with the drop in the white premium continues to be in uptrend and should be enough for some discretionary to start increasing their raw sugar demand and start re-exporting refined sugar. 

 ·         Like last week, the next K/K and Q/Nwhite premiums are all trading above 110USD/mt, these are unusually high this far in advance of their expiry.  

For a more detailed view of the sugar futures and market data, please refer to the data appendix below. 

No.11 (Raw Sugar) Appendix


No.5 (White Sugar) Appendix


White Premium Appendix



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